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Corporate Partnership

The L.A.B Project is looking to partner with corporations committed to building a diverse workforce by hiring individual of all backgrounds and walks of life. 


Our goal is to create an apprenticeship program as an alternate on-ramp into a role that normally requires a specific degree or experience. With this program we want to provide retired professional athletes with an in-house professional skills development program to bridge the gap and ease the transition into life after ball.

Why should your company make such an investment?

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Corporate Workshop

The L.A.B Project will host a series of discovery sessions to dig into your current athlete centered program and help your organization ensure that your new team members are provided with all the right tools to succeed and add value to your company. 


The output will provide guidance, curriculum recommendations and on a case by case basis, curriculum creation

Why should your company make such an investment?

Image by Jo Szczepanska
Corporat Workshop
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